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We have seen that infrastructure within African nations is not only possible, but that it can be very lucrative to both investors and to the economies of those countries.

Egypt, for example, now has universal coverage of electricity, water and sewerage, meaning that businesses can grow and the economy can thrive. The nation is able to focus on tourism and trade, while keeping up with ongoing infrastructure demands and those that have invested in projects in the past have seen healthy returns.

Over the last 10 years, the entire continent has seen something of a revolution in information and communication technologies. Private investors and operators invested over $25bn in ICT across Africa resulting in a rapid expansion of networks so that a relatively high percentage of the African population has access to mobile phone services and the associated benefits such as access to the internet and financial inclusiveness through mobile banking. This development has brought about positive change to the lives of millions and paid vast dividends to development investors.

So, with the right approach and the right investment, it is possible to provide infrastructure to even the most under-developed nations in Africa. This is what we do and where our expertise lies. We identify the infrastructural needs of a region; facilitate the implementation of projects through negotiation and procurement of materials & services; attain private investment to fund the project and then manage it to its completion.

Private investors and operators invested more than $25 billion in ICT across Africa resulting in a rapid expansion of networks

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