We approach every opportunity from a perspective that tends towards maximising asset appreciation and long-term value.

We achieve successful outcomes by collaborating with infrastructure development, project delivery and financial investment partners. By developing common objectives and strategies, we’re able to work effectively together and facilitate the development cycle.

We are flexible in our approach and offer infrastructure development experience, in-depth knowledge of capital project delivery environments and expertise in the provision of tailored project financing. Jabiut has the resources to help bring a capital project or major programme from concept to commercial operation.

Project Consulting Services

Our project consulting services include:

Intelligent Clienting as a service is aimed at providing an exclusive link all through from policy to delivery, mandated to build confidence that policy is implemented, investment effectively managed and the realisation of benefits achieved. Working closely with an organisation’s team, as a process we design, develop and implement the most practical intelligent client capability.

Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP), quite a number of infrastructure projects of today largely operate under Private-Public-Partnerships; which require planning, structuring, developing, negotiating and execution depending on the type of PPP initiative adopted.

Project Management, we provide bespoke professional services around managing projects ranging from strategic project delivery to impact assessment scoping, project evaluation, ELC management and engineering, procurement and process management.

Transaction Advisory Services

Our transaction advisory services include:

Infrastructure Advisory focuses on working with both public and private sector organisations involved with working on infrastructure projects and major programmes, to make the most effective use of transaction outcomes. We strive to provide professional industry specific advice around buying or selling infrastructure investments, infrastructure deal-making and refinancing existing projects.

Risk Management initiatives around analysing risk factors associated with a project, project de-risking by evaluating measures to mitigate identified risk factors, conducting integrated feasibility studies and develop engagement strategies to address risks

Strategy, Economics, Regulation and Policy Advisory – Our SERP approaches focuses on our dedication towards infusing pragmatic thinking with our client’s objectives with a sole aim of devising sustainable initiatives for complex projects. We strive to provide strategic, economic, regulatory and policy advice by combining our vast experience with commercial awareness, project viability, practical policy analysis and technical competency.


Finance and Investment Services

Our finance and investment services include:
 Financial Management – We work alongside our clients to assist them in developing flexible capital structures and sustainable financing platforms. We strive to provide this service across the divergent Infrastructure financing and funding spectrum, for both public and privately-owned infrastructure. This enables our customers the choice and possibility of financing assets and projects on a leveraged principle with limited reliance on shareholding.

Investment Management – There has been a major shift in the way economic infrastructure is owned in today’s markets. This has largely been driven by a phenomenal increase in capital and a wide range of investments which seek balanced returns in the long term by investing directly rather than through investment funds. We strive to generate excess returns under our bespoke investment management portfolios by integrating strict risk controls with a combination of proprietary research, conscientious valuation framework,macro-economic considerations and an in-depth quality assessment.

Head Office
71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Head Office
71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

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